Adventures in Copyediting

Nobel Prize Medal

Twenty years ago, my uncle Bertil Daneholt, a member of the Medical Assembly at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, the organization that selects the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine every year, asked me to help him with the English translation of his speech presenting that year’s Prize at the gala awards ceremony. Certainly one of the more unusual writing assignments I’ve ever undertaken. Read more…

Going Furthur at the Greek

Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA. 9/28/13.

Back from a transcendent, epic adventure in the Bay Area. Of all the concert venues I’ve patronized, is there any doubt that the Greek Theater in Berkeley is the greatest of them all? It’s made all the greater by the joyous and loving friends, old and new, who are always there, along for the ride…

The Chili King of Salt Lake City

Otto E. Branning, The Chili King of Salt Lake City

Almost exactly 100 years ago, my great-grandfather Otto E. Branning, the “Chili King” of Salt Lake City, and two of his friends embarked on a journey to the California coast. Click through to read the entertaining front page story about their epic road trip from the June 15, 1913 edition of The Salt Lake Tribune.

Furthur Foundation Support

Furthur Foundation Facebook Page

I’m pleased to be guiding social marketing efforts for Bob Weir’s Furthur Foundation, which he and some like-minded mutual friends founded some 20 years ago to provide funding to “smart-thinking groups that are small and close to their target.” We’re enjoying the ride so far and closing in on the 1,000 fan mark on Facebook. We’re on Twitter, too. Won’t you join us?

Dramatic Increase in Twitter List Limits


If you’re a fan of Twitter lists, and have ever bumped up against the 20 list/500 accounts-per-list max, good news, if this tweet from the Twitter for News account is to be believed.

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Client News: Karelia Software Launches Sandbox 2.8

Karelia Software

I’m excited to be supporting the fine folks at Karelia Software, who just today released version 2.8 of Sandvox, their multiple award-winning web design software for the Mac. The update includes a number of cool features, including Retina support, two new designs, a new social media sharing bar, and more.

Here’s Karelia’s blog post about Sandbox 2.8′s “Retina-readiness.” And here’s the press release with more details.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use, powerful web design software for Mac, Sandvox is certainly worth considering.

Poster Retrospecticus in Rochester

National Poster Retrospecticus at 1975 Gallery

I’m glad I was able to catch the one-night-only showing of the touring National Poster Retrospecticus exhibition at its only New York state stop at 1975 Gallery in Rochester. As a long-time admirer of gig-poster art, I was in heaven. Click-through for some scenes from the show…

Facebook Cover Image Craziness Continues

Facebook fails its own 20% rule for text.

Facebook’s new cover image guidelines seem to be a done deal. But not everyone’s convinced. Even Facebook folks seem to not be on the same, er, page.

Pack: An Awesome Pet Play

Scooby on Pack

Pack is a still-in-beta startup and one of the coolest plays in the pet space we’ve come across. It’s focused on dogs for now, but other species can’t be far behind.

Has Facebook Made a Major Change to Its Cover Image Guidelines?

Previous Facebook Cover Image Guidelines

The following screengrabs of this page in Facebook’s Help Center were both captured earlier today, March 19, 2013. One was captured by me, the other by a different (logged in) user. Note that the stipulations regarding “no calls to action” and “no contact info,” among others, have been removed in the newer version, and also that the title for this guideline entry has been changed in the updated version.

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