Facebook Cover Image Craziness Continues

Shortly after I published a post a few days ago about Facebook’s (potentially) revised cover image guidelines, the floodgates opened, as more and more users began seeing the updated version. In case you’re just catching up, in the revised guidelines (see III B), all proscriptions against calls to action and contact info, among other Facebook no-no’s, have been removed, with the only stipulation remaining that any text must not exceed 20% of the surface area of the image. Social media pros with Facebook expertise have been gleefully sharing the wonderful news about the relaxed cover image requirements, and respected industry source Inside Facebook published a story affirming that the new guidelines are real and here to stay, complete with an update claiming that a representative from Facebook itself had provided concrete confirmation.

Now comes word, from a source who attended a conference in Australia the other day, that a senior Facebook official for Australia and New Zealand firmly stated to a room full of people that the removed stipulations are most certainly going to be put back in the guidelines.


At this point I honestly don’t know what to think. What I DO know is that on March 20th, two days ago, Facebook published a helpful guide to Pages for non-profits and causes. So what, you may ask? Take a look at the example Facebook Page highlighted on page 3 of the guide. That sure looks like more than 20% text to me. Here’s hoping that one of these days we’ll all—including Facebook itself—be on the same, er, page when it comes to cover images.

Facebook fails its own 20% rule for text.

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  • jeffberezny

    Hi Mark, very interesting and, well, confusing to hear about what exactly the rules are. In general, I am actually a little bit worried about marketers jumping too quickly onto these new rules and feeling like it is an opportunity to go crazy with calls to actions and like buttons on their cover photos. I’ve written more about this below. Would love to hear your perspective on it: http://tent.to/FB_CoverRules

  • http://markfrisk.com/ Mark Frisk

    Thanks for the comment, Jeff. Your post on the subject is fantastic, and I encourage anyone reading this to hop on over to it via the link you’ve provided above. The Apple store vs. used car lot comparison is brilliant. I agree with you 100% that truly creative marketers will find entertaining and compelling ways to take advantage of the new guidelines without going overboard. In that sense, I see this as yet another opportunity (there are many, actually) to stand out in a see of noise and garish design, because we know for sure that lots and lots of folks are going to go the !!!BUY NOW!!! and !!!FREE…CLICK HERE!!! route.