Pick Up My Guitar and Play, Just Like Yesterday…

After a hiatus of … ahem … more than a few years, I’m dipping my toes (fingers?) back into the live performance waters and hitting the stage this Saturday night (May 8th) with my brother-in-law, Jeff, at the Cottage Hotel in Mendon, NY.

Mayhem in MendonOur acoustic duo, Head Space, will be the opening act in a four-band line-up that holds out the promise of an evening of fine musical entertainment of the kick-ass rock and roll variety.

The Cottage Hotel is a cool, roadhouse kind of joint. Good food, good drinks, ace sound system, and room for dancing. I’ve spent a couple of Saturday nights there and have not been disappointed.

Jeff and I will be strapping on our guitars promptly at 9 PM and doing just a few numbers, so if you want to see us, be timely. The Cottage Hotel is at 1390 Pittsford Mendon Road in Mendon, an easy drive; check the map below to get your bearings. (Speaking of driving, no drinking and driving, right?)

So, to all my friends in Western New York: If you like to rock, come on down!

P.S. Here’s a PDF of the nice gig poster, if you’re inclined to print it out and help spread the word.

P.P.S. Thanks to Pete Townshend for the immortal lyrics used in the title of this post.

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